About Us

Prangose Research and Development Creation (PRDC)

PRDC organisation is purly based on the Eco-friend concept, situated in the Western part of the Rajasthan state (India). This part is also famous by the name of "THAR DESERT". This whole belt is comprises of Semi-arid to Arid regions. The unfavourable climatic condition like High temperature, low rain fall, low humidity, high salinity, water hardness etc. are the major parameters which do not support the luxuriant growth of Flora & Fauna and also badly effect on the economy of this region. PRDC is actively working in this region to develop the affordable and effective technology for the development.

Following four bodies are working under PRDC
1.)   Prangose Organic Farming.
2.)   Prangose Enterprises.
3.)   Prangose Publication.
4.)   Prangose Herbal.


Organic farming is a process in which the Natural organic matter like Cattle Dung (Gobbar), Degraded leaves or plants and microbes are use as a Fertilizer in various types of the crops is called as Organic Farming. Such type of Fertilizer is known as Biofertilizer.Peoples now a days are giving the preference to the Biofertilizer because there are so many beneficial effects have been seen, Some important features are as follows :

1.   Increases the soil fertility.
2.   Reduces the salinity of the soil.
3.   Minimize the soil Erosion.
4.   Plants become free from the adverse effects of various types of chemicals.
5.   Helpful to the Environment.
6.   Favourable for the Human Health.
7.   Cattles and other Grass eater Animals remains normal from Development and Health points of view.
8.   Less Expensive.
9.   Increases the productivity of the crops.
10.  Minimize the Labour work.

PRDC is actively engaged in the manufacturing of Biofertilizer with affordable rate and appropriate approaches to save the Environment. This biofertilizer is available with Pyrola brand.


Prangose Enterprise is deal with the manufacturing of various types of the cleaning products like Detergents, Soaps, Gel etc. These products are effectively working in both Soft and Hard water without causing any skin problem. Such Products are being marketed with following brands:

1.   Vama Super (Detergent).
2.   Vama Premium (Detergent).
3.   Vama Gel (Multi-purpose wash).
4.   Vama Soap (Cloths).


Prangose Publicationis is provides the science related study material in the form of Descriptive notes, Question bank and Books in update form. This material is highly sufficient for the preparation of various examinations like Board & Competative . The material is available both in English and Hindi medium.


PRDC is successfully working in the field of Herbs because their result are effective without any side effects therefore now a days the People are being attracted by the Herbal products for their better Health. PRDC have manufactured the some Herbal products with beautiful results. The Description of such Products are as follows :

This product is based on the Spirulina Plant which contains highest protein 65-70% along with Vitamins and various types of Minerals. PRDC is successfully culturing the Spirulina under organic condition for commercial use. Spirulina is gradually moving towards the popularity in the field of Herbs because it have the un-believable Health realated Properties, such as :

  • Diet of Malnourished (children, Adult and sportsman).
  • Control the Anemia.
  • Reduce the Pollutants effects.
  • Anti-Wrinkle.
  • Anti-Pimple.
  • Anti-Oxidant.
  • Anti-Disease.
  • Anti-Cancer.
  • Detoxification.
  • Increase the Memory.
  • Control the skin, eye, hair problems.
  • Reduce the effect of Radiation.
  • Helps in the control of Diabetes, Cataract, Eye disorder.
  • Protect the DNA & RNA.
  • Control the external & internal damage.
  • Increase the Immunity.
  • Increase the Antibody production.
  • Increase the Mother Milk.
  • Helps in normal delivery.
  • Control the blood pressure.
  • Control the body weight.
  • Give strength to the body.
  • Reduce the Body cholesterol.
  • Control the functions of kidney.
  • Increase the height of children.
  • Helps in the Blood purification.
  • Helps in the Liver protection.
  • Relief in Atherosclerosis.
  • Control the Leucorrhoea

This product is purely a Food Supplements for Animals which contains the sufficient amount of the Carbohydrate, oil, protien, vitamins, minerals etc. with following fruitful Effects

(1) Cattles

  • Increase the Quantity and Quality of the Milk.
  • Increase the Immunity.
  • Enhance the body development.
  • Acts as a general Anti-disease agent.
  • Complete the Nutrition requirements.

(2) Poultry & Fisheries

  • Increase the Production.
  • Increase the Quantity and Quality of the Eggs.
  • Enhance the body development.
  • Increase the Immunity.
  • Acts as anti Viral, Bacterial & other disease agent.
  • Fulfill the Nutrition requirements.

This is an ointment which controll almost all types of the skin related problems. This product is made up of the various Herbs and their extracts. Its outstanding features are as follows :

  • It gives a relief in both joint and muscle pains.
  • The Alergy can be cured.
  • Controll the Piles satisfactory.
  • Amazing relief in Leucorrhoea.
  • Remarkable recovery in Psoriasis.
  • Fruitfull results in Eczema.
  • Face become free from the Pimples.
  • Remove the various spots on the skin.
  • Fast Healing.
  • Quick relief in the Burn.
  • Acts as a moisturizer.