Welcome To PRDC

PRDC organisation is purly based on the Eco-friend concept, situated in the Western part of the Rajasthan state (India). This part is also famous by the name of "THAR DESERT". This whole belt is comprises of Semi-arid to Arid regions. The unfavourable climatic condition like High temperature, low rain fall, low humidity, high salinity, water hardness etc. are the major parameters which do not support the luxuriant growth of Flora & Fauna and also badly effect on the economy of this region. PRDC is actively working in this region to develop the affordable and effective technology for the development.

Following four bodies are working under PRDC
1.)   Prangose Organic Farming.
2.)   Prangose Enterprises.
3.)   Prangose Publication.
4.)   Prangose Herbal.


Organic farming is a process in which the Natural organic matter like Cattle Dung (Gobbar), Degraded leaves or plants and microbes are use as a Fertilizer in various types of the crops is called as Organic Farming. Such type of Fertilizer is known as Biofertilizer.   More...